Corporate Workshops

Allegra supports organisations wanting to retain their valuable talent.

Topics covered include

  • Perimenopause & Menopause: facts, symptoms, misconceptions, the law; hormone testing and most importantly the solution: Allegra’s revolutionary HTR system
  • Managing your internal threat response – stress, burnout & adrenal fatigue: facts, symptoms, misconceptions, treatment & recovery
  • Conflict resolution & team building
  • Conquering Imposter Syndrome

Perimenopause and Menopause

1 in 4 women considers leaving their company during P&M.

This workshop helps your workforce to mitigate the symptoms naturally.

Managing your internal threat response

Stress costs companies millions.

Let's make sure your workforce doesn't fall victim to it

Conflict resolution & team building

People leave companies due to their manager or colleagues - its rarely about pay.

This workshop is essential for any firm struggling with high staff. 

Conquering Imposter Syndrome

Hormonal shifts can cause Imposter Syndrome.

This workshop is a must for all C-level business winning professionals.