This podcast will feature leading experts, and authors from different healing domains, as well as friends, clients and people who suffer from the specific condition we’re discussing.  We will talk about the interconnection between biology, psychology and socioenvironmental factors that can and do impact the brain and body.  We’re going to delve deep into a topic. 

Let’s use post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as an example – this is a huge subject, so will involve multiple episodes on all aspects related to it.  The aim is to give you a solid overview where you’ll be able to understand the causes, its impact on the brain, the body etc. giving you information on how it’s typically diagnosed, the relevant questions to ask your medical doctor, psychiatrist etc. the different treatments available, offering different perspectives on the subject matter ranging from ancient Eastern wisdom to Western neurophysiology and traumatology, which will hopefully give you a supra model for healing and or managing the condition. 

Where we discuss a holistic approach to healing and health.

Conversations Unleashed: Allegra's Guest Appearance