The nervous system controls
hormone production, health and happiness.

It is vital we exercise it!

About The Foxlie Plan

We are specialist embodiment, neurogenic exercise, Neurogenic Yin®, TRE®, yoga, Pilates and energy cultivation experts.  We use techniques that stem from ancient wisdom, energy healing, western neurophysiology, and specialist psycho-physical therapy.

These techniques can help you to release anger, anxiety, sadness/depression, panic attacks, PTSD, dissociation, endometriosis, fatigue, imposter syndrome, inflammation, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), restless legs syndrome (RLS), pain, and much more…

These techniques make it easier to build muscle, lose weight and increase flexibility.

I want to help get you back to your optimal health!

Meet Allegra

  • Author of the book HTR: Hormone Tension Release, which gives freedom and relief from premenstrual, perimenopause and menopause symptoms
  • Founder of Neurogenic Yin®, which naturally calms the nervous system and regulates inflammation
  • Certified TRE® (Tension and trauma releasing exercises) provider, which helps people suffering from PTSD, burnout and stress to recover
  • Trauma informed
Allegra Foxlie One on one sessions