Why I do what I do

  • My brain, body and mind were impacted by traumatic events and prolonged emotional abuse, which left me suffering from PTSD, complex-trauma (CPTSD) & PMDD
  • During the depths of my personal despair, I made a vow, that if I did ever feel better, I would make it my purpose to help people recover
  • I know how debilitating these conditions are, and also the ramifications they have for overall long-term physical health and longevity
  • The practices I teach were fundamental to my recovery from PTSD, getting rid of the major symptoms like repetitive nightmares, back issues, night sweats, hypervigilance etc
  • These practices help me to self-regulate my CPTSD and PMDD symptoms 
  • I’m thrilled to have been awarded the “Most Innovative Mental Health & Wellness Practice 2024 – North West England” by the Business Elite Awards.
  • I absolutely love what I do

I want to help get you back to your optimal health!

What my clients say...