Neurogenic Yin – A Restorative Burnout Package | 6 x 1 Hour Sessions


  • 6 x 1hr Sessions at a recommended Weekly Interval
  • This is a highly restorative practice combining Yin yoga, neurogenic tremoring and breathwork, leaving you fully relaxed
  • Calms fibromyalgia, psychogenic pain & restless legs syndrome as well as helping to recover from burnout
Classes Conducted:



Neurogenic Yin-A Restorative Burnout Package

Neurogenic Yin is the ultimate therapeutic yin yang yoga practice – improving mental health, reducing inflammation, autoimmune disease flare-ups, and symptoms of burnout, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, 3 a.m. insomnia, fatigue, Restless Legs Syndrome, stress, and tension.

Neurogenic Yin stimulates the meridians and pranic energy channels; reboots, and reintegrates the nervous system; recalibrates the brain’s limbic system and brain stem; releases historical overprotection from the brain and fascia; offers a potential ‘medication-free’ framework for clients who are experiencing pain when there’s no apparent physiological reason for it.

Neurogenic Yin