HTR Hormone Tension Release Programme | 6 x 1 Hour Sessions


  • 6 x 1hr Sessions at a recommended weekly Interval
  • Learn about the female body, the brain’s protective outputs, fitness and hormones
  • Learn techniques that help you to calm your brain, decrease inflammation and joint ache, regulate hormones, lose belly fat, grow muscle, improve flexibility, and feel better
  • Master the specialist classes from Allegra’s medical HTR: Hormone Tension Release system including
  • The Energy Cultivation class – which is a sequence based on Medical Qigong
  • Neurogenic Yoga and Yin
Classes Conducted:



HTR Hormone Tension Release Programme

HTR: Hormone Tension Release is a specialist psycho-physical fitness system, based on Ancient Eastern Wisdom and Western neurophysiology, using techniques from the trauma-recover world, medical qigong, yoga, breathwork etc.

This system is powerful, helping to get your body back to its optimal health with minimal effort, with some classes once mastered only requiring 20-minutes a day!

Reclaim your body!

Feel and look better!

HTR-Hormone Tension Therapy


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