TRE-Trauma Bodywork Programme | 6 x 1 hour Session


  • 6 x 1hr sessions over 12 weeks
  • You will learn Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises, how to ensure the right part of your nervous system is activated, sentience and the art of self-regulation
  • For best results, it’s recommended the first 3 sessions be completed within 2 weeks of starting the programme
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TRE-Trauma Bodywork Programme

We all have different pasts and experiences.  Our histories shape our nervous system, altering brain function and neural pathways, physiology, thoughts, emotions and symptoms.

This programme helps you to reconnect to your body, giving you the tools to implement into your daily and weekly routine to help you release the physical and emotional symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and regulate the symptoms associated with complex trauma (CPTSD).

You will learn the art of sentience, grounding and self-regulation along with David Berceli’s TRE which stands for tension and trauma-releasing exercises. TRE is known to help your brain process and work through nightmares and flashbacks, by creating neuroplasticity – new neural networks – releasing tension in the body’s fascia and helping you to reboot your nervous system, which is going to help your endocrine (hormone) system to work better.  You will learn how to ensure the correct part of your nervous system is activated and how to progress the tremors into different areas of the body.

Allegra is here to support you through this transformational process.

We’ll do deep work over a sustained period of 6 to 12 weeks so that you can reap the rewards.

Your continuous development will give you new skills, which will become embedded and habitual.