Try a tailor-made session...

No 2 people are the same – we all have different pasts, different stories, different experiences.  Our histories shape our physiology, thoughts and emotions.  For some, it can be more beneficial to book One-on-One sessions which will be tailored to help resolve your presenting issues.

  • If you are struggling with Anxiety or active PTSD symptoms then I recommend a set of 6 to 12 individual TRE sessions to begin with
  • If you are struggling with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, then I recommend a set of 6 to 12 individual PMT & PMDD Releasing Exercises 
  • Even if you are not significantly struggling with symptoms, some people, just prefer One-on-One, because they are the best way to deepen your knowledge and perfect your practice
  • I will guide and support you to make sense of things that can arise during the transformational process

For best results

  • When you’re first starting out, we recommend having 2 sessions per week
  • If we work more intensely at the beginning, you’ll need to work much less in the long term
  • Classes should be no more than 2 weeks apart because like therapy, you tend to lose the cumulative effect if we have long pauses in-between
  • We’ll do deeper work over a sustained period of 6 to 12 weeks, so that you can reap the rewards
  • It’s an educational process, supporting you to feel your body, supporting you to be safe, to go into the shaking and those layers of experience that come through as you track your shaking
  • Your continuous development will give you new skills, which will be more embedded and habitual

My online courses

The Power Of Sleep

Ground-breaking 2 week program to improve your sleep.

Using a blend of therapies including TRE, Neurogenic Yin & Yoga Nidra.

The Foxlie Plan

This is the Ultimate 12-week fitness programme!

This is unique & powerful, incorporating TRE; Qigong; Yoga, Pilates and much more..

PMT Release

Ground-breaking 6 week program aims to release PMT from your life.

Using a blend of therapies including PMT & PMDD Releasing Exercises by Allegra Foxlie.

The System Reset

Ground-breaking 4 week programme to help you reset your nervous system.

This is a must have for anyone suffering with Adrenal Fatigue, Burnout or Stress

Graduate classes

Monday mornings at 6.30 a.m. “Wake & Shake”:

  • Begin your week emotionally regulated
  • Each week we will focus on a different topic: Grounding, letting go, pain, self regulation etc. 
  • I will help guide and progress the neurogenic tremors into new areas


Wednesday evenings at 8.30 p.m. Shake and Sing:

  • Where experienced shakers can sing whilst tremoring to music
  • Helping you find your voice
  • Experience how your tremors react to the music and your voice