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Stand out from the competition, increase your hourly rate and overall take home.  

These cutting-edge programmes, exercise the nervous system, which is the foundation of hormone regulation, health and emotional happiness, helping you to work with your clients at a deeper level.  

Take your client’s nervous system out of survival, into thrival.  Learn how to reboot the nervous system, regulate the endocrine and immune systems, decrease inflammation and autoimmune disorder flare-ups, calm the brain’s overprotective outputs, releasing stress, tension and pain from the body.  Learn how to increase muscle mass, lose visceral fat and assist recovery from injury.

Front and back cover for HTR

HTR: Hormone Tension Release

Become a certified HTR Provider and teach individuals and groups in person and online.

Learn how to free your female clients from adverse hormonal symptoms like anger, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, hot flushes, restless legs syndrome, premenstrual pain, pelvic pain, inflammation, bloating, premenstrual exacerbation, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, weight gain and much more.

This course is for qualified yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors.

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Neurogenic Yin®

For burnout, hormone regulation, auto-immune disorders, mental health & pain management.

Work with your clients at a therapeutic level.

Learn how adverse childhood experiences, stress and trauma show up as autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, infertility, hormone disregulation, tension, mood disorders and much more as adults. 

This course is for qualified yoga instructors, physiotherapists, CBT professionals, psycho-therapists and medical professionals.