Neurogenic Yin
Teacher Training

Become a CPD certified Neurogenic Yin Teacher

This professional development course is for qualified yoga teachers, Pilates instructors & personal trainers (PTs) who:

  • Want to help your clients more therapeutically
  • Want to help free clients’ from symptoms that have been hindering their fitness journeys like fibromyalgia, 3 a.m. insomnia, fatigue, Restless Legs Syndrome, chronic pain, trapped emotions and stress
  • Want to understand trauma and its impact on the body
  • Increase your hourly rate and be seen as an expert
  • Learn practical tools to psychologically enrich your clients lives and classes

About Neurogenic Yin Teacher Training

  • This course incorporates techniques that stem from ancient wisdom, energy healing, western neurophysiology and specialist psycho-physical therapy 
  • You will learn the importance of adding yin to a yang practice
  • You will develop a deep understanding of the brain and its protective outputs (the stress response, the pain response, the inflammation response and the adaptive thermogenesis response)
  • Learn how to calm the brain and deactivate the overprotective outputs, through vagal nerve activation
  • You will delve into the systems of the body: energy, nervous, endocrine, fascia, the meridians and marma points
  • Learn functional anatomy:  the fascia, muscles, bones
  • Learn the neurogenic yin poses/asanas and importantly the modifications/adaptions
  • Learn quick handy neuro-somatic self-regulation and grounding techniques to teach your clients
  • Learn the nuances of the tremoring mechanism
  • Learn the contraindications, so you can advise your clients accordingly
  • Learn how to support your clients safely through this transformational process
  • Learn more about Restless Legs Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, 3 a.m. Insomnia etc. so you can explain to your clients why this system works for these disorders 


  • 8 days of tuition (online or in person), consisting of 4 modules which will be taken over the course of 6 months, with 4 assignments 
  • Module 1 Covers the importance of adding yin to your life; anatomy; contraindications, asanas; 
  • Module 2 Covers the brain’s protective outputs, potential disorders, the tremor mechanism, neuro-somatic self regulation and grounding techniques, asanas/poses
  • Module 3 Covers trauma awareness, getting consent, modifications and aids (blocks/bolsters), asanas/poses
  • Module 4 Covers the nuances of teaching individuals and groups 
  • Each module has an assignment
  • Become part of our international community