Thrival Retreat

Thrival Retreat

Taking you from Survival to Thrival!

I’ve teamed up with an ex Elite Forces Team to offer one of the most unique retreats on the market, aimed at building your confidence and resilience.

Activities included

  • Fire & Cacao Ceremony
  • Bush craft & survival
  • Safe Axe and knife use
  • Tracking & observation
  • Physical armed and unarmed combat
  • Sleep deeply, awaken sweetly Meditation
  • Gratitude and Growth Circle


Culminating in a very well earned last night, spent at a 5 star luxury boutique hotel. 

What to expect

You’ll make great friends and learn new skills that will help you live a more joyful life:

  • Workshop 1: 
    • Helping you reset your nervous system, regulating your hormones and mitigating many Perimenopause & Menopause symptoms
  • Workshop 2:
    • Creating solid ethical boundaries
    • Are you too nice? Do you understand the difference between being nice and being kind?   
    • Do you say Yes to everyone? 
    • We’ll support you in learning how and when to say No confidently
  • Workshop 3:
    • Do you say no to yourself too often?
    • We’ll support you in helping you to say Yes

Our retreats sell out in minutes

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