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I am honoured that you’re here, that you like what I offer, and that you want to share me and my work with your audience.

Press Release:

HTR: Hormone Tension Release

HTR is a revolutionary natural system that gives your mind, body, and soul freedom and relief from hormone tension, stress and pain.

Reboot your nervous system, rebalance your hormones, and activate your natural internal pharmacy with Allegra’s revolutionary HTR system.

Allegra takes the reader on a journey around the female body, offering explanations and strategies for symptoms including mood swings anger, anxiety, sadness/depression, disconnection, imposter syndrome, fatigue, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), migraines, sciatica, aches and pain, restless leg syndrome, weight gain, and so much more…

Using a blend of techniques that stem from ancient wisdom, western neurophysiology, and specialist psycho-physical therapy, Allegra’s system helps you to naturally free your body from stress, pain and tension, and other hormonal symptoms.  HTR is easy to follow, with some classes only requiring as little as 20-minutes a day time commitment.

This ground-breaking system is natural, powerful, simple, and effective, helping you to reclaim your body

What clients say:

“I am now pain-free and no longer on medication”

“I no longer suffer from IBS”

“I’ve had the best night’s sleep, in I think about 10 years!”

“I’ve learned more about pain from this book than I did during my entire medical degree”

“I got my period and I was surprised – I had no PMT!”

“This book saved my marriage”

“I can’t believe you got rid of my migraines – thank you!”

“I am no longer in pain from endometriosis”

Allegra Foxlie - Media Pack 2022 [Complete]

This is Allegra’s full and complete media pack with everything from talk topics and partnership options.

Allegra Foxlie - Media Pack 2022 [Talk Topics]

If you are interested in hiring Allegra for your event or conference, this media kit details the talks she would be happy to personalise and deliver for you.


Allegra holds a BA Hons in Communication Studies & Law, is a certified TRE provider (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises by David Berceli), a multi-style Yoga, Pilates and energy cultivation instructor, the author of “HTR: Hormone Tension Release” and the founder of “The Foxlie Plan”, a website dedicated to rebooting your nervous system, regulating your endocrine and immune systems, releasing hormone tension, stress and pain.  Helping people to mitigate frustrating hormonal symptoms like: anger, anxiety, sadness, disconnection, imposter syndrome; insomnia; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Restless Legs Syndrome; infertility; sciatica; aches and pain; inflammation and so much more.  

Allegra wasn’t always into fitness and certainly wasn’t embodied – but that all changed for her when she was the victim of abuse, which left her with chronic Post-traumatic stress disorder.  PTSD wreaked havoc on her body and during her quest to rid herself of it, she noticed her  hormone tension symptoms disappear.

Based in Chester (UK), Allegra teaches globally on Zoom, is active on the speaking network, giving talks on a range of topics including:

  • Hormone Tension Release for premenstrual, perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause
  • PTSD, stress & burnout
  • How to get your hormones checked – knowledge is power
  • Trauma, stress and the body
  • Managing your internal threat response
  • How to reboot your nervous system
  • Recover from adrenal fatigue, burnout & stress
  • Neurogenic exercise
  • Neurogenic Yin
  • And much more ..

Allegra has reaped the benefits of her practices and wants to help you thrive, so has developed a program and written a book called

“HTR: Hormone Tension Release” which is a revolutionary natural system that gives your mind, body, and soul freedom and relief from premenstrual, perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause tension.

Reboot your nervous system, rebalance your hormones, and activate your natural internal pharmacy with Allegra’s revolutionary HTR system., which gives you knowledge, insights and strategies which reset your body, calm your nervous system, metabolize anger, reduce anxiety & sadness, unlock your energy centers & release your divine feminine power.  Allegra supports her clients in identifying and minimizing stress & distress, improving their health which in turn significantly improves hormonal challenges.