The system reset

The Ultimate System Reset

This ground-breaking program helps you reset your nervous system which should have a positive impact on your endocrine system and emotions.

Once we stop your brain from thinking you need to run away from a tiger (which accumulative stress can trick it into thinking) your:

  • Immune system
  • Growth and repair
  • Digestion
  • Libido and sex hormones

will get a chance to work much better.

Do you know?

  • Creating whole states of change in your nervous system, helps everything open
  • In time, things will begin to feel more coherent and sometimes there can be strong rushes and floods of energy likened to traditionally what people have called a Kundalini awakening in Yoga
  • I’ve personally experienced this and it significantly improved my complexion, reducing my Rosacea, improving cellulite, sleep and so much more …

This course

Duration: Online 4 week course

Time investment: 

  • 3 sessions per week
    • Kick off & Final sessions are 2 hours
    • All other sessions are 1 hours
    • Total of 14 hours
  • You will develop a solid understanding of:
    • How to reset your “Fight or Flight” response
    • How to regulate your Cortisol levels
    • How to regulate your emotions through movement
    • How to become fully Embodied
    • Your external triggers
    • Grounding techniques to help bring you back to your body
    • Over time your nervous system will become more integrated, working coherently, making you feel better
    • Your new found skills, which by the end of the course will be embedded and habitual
    • And so much more