Reboot your nervous system

The nervous system reboot

Think of the body as a massive Internet with IoT (internet of things).

Signals are carried along the nervous system to the hypothalamus, the command center of our endocrine system, which controls an array of devices (the adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries, testes etc.)

… the device does whatever work it’s told to… but if the signals don’t arrive, or arrive corrupted, your harmonious system can fail in surprising, hard to diagnose ways.

This course

This ground-breaking program helps you reboot your nervous system.

Duration: 5 one hour online sessions 


  • How to reboot your nervous system and regulate your emotions through movement
  • I will give you grounding techniques to keep you emotionally regulated
  • Over time your nervous system will become more integrated, working coherently, making you feel better


  • Creating whole states of change in your nervous system, helps everything open
  • Once we’ve rebooted your nervous system your immune system, growth and repair, digestion, libido and sex hormones¬†will get a chance to work much better
  • Helping you feel more energised