You can be spiritual,
compassionate & loving
And still say No

Creating Solid Ethical Boundaries

This workshop is empowering and playful, which you will hopefully find quite liberating.

This 4 hour workshop is a must for anyone wanting to reclaim your power and so much more..

  • Are you too nice?
  • Do you regularly say Yes to everyone, leaving you exhausted and resentful?
  • Do you regularly say No to yourself?

Benefits can also  include feeling more relaxed and more energised.

This workshop

Duration: 4 hours

  • You will learn the difference between being nice and being kind – niceness is not kindness
  • You will learn to connect to your body to feel what happens to our body when we are nice
  • You will learn techniques to take action to move into kindness
  • We’ll support you in learning how and when to say No confidently
  • Once you know your boundaries then we’ll support you in helping you to say Yes to yourself